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Praise for a Dog’s Gleaming White Teeth

Jesus was once with his disciples when they passed the carcass of a dog. They said: “What a stench!” Jesus then said: “How gleaming white its teeth are!” He then proceeded to chastise his disciples for speaking badly of the … Continue reading

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Alchemy of Happiness Epub

For newly formatted epub for Al Ghazzali’s Alchemy of Happiness (abridged) as translated by Claud Field. Alchemy of Happiness Epub.  I’m not posting a pdf because one can easily be created by doing conversion using Calibre.  This version also contains an … Continue reading

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Jami’s Lawaih – A treatise on Sufism

PDF available of Jami’s Lawaih for down.  Lawaih, The – Jami Epub available here: Lawaih Epub This book is in the Public Domain and available from Internet Archive in a different form. This version’s format has been hand crafted to make … Continue reading

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