The Two Principal Messages of Sufism

The school of Sufism has two principal messages, and whatever has been said concerning the rules and manners of Sufism is secondary when compared to these two.

The first message is psychological and heart-related: that Sufis must confirm, seek and see only the Absolute Being and not think about anything else.

The second, which is derived from the first, is social and ethical: that Sufis must exemplify the highest humanitarian and ethical values.

In the first place, these messages instruct people to be noble human beings and to respect, love and serve God’s creation. Second, by focusing on the existence of the unity of all creation, these messages instill in people the method of looking solely in one direction and seeing everything as One. Thus, Sufism is a school of unity and ethical purification which, regardless of race and culture, can be applied to all human beings equally.

It should be noted, however, that merely by registering in the school of Sufism and participating in the Sufis’ gatherings, a person does not become a Sufi. Rather, one has to strive to succeed in the practice of Sufism, namely, to be purified[…]”

Excerpt From: Dr Javad Nurbakhsh. “Discourses on the Sufi Path”

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